Sunday, March 4, 2018

Office Depot now offers legal services..... Or does it?

A few weeks ago I was alerted that Office Depot had begun to advertise a new legal services plan.  You can find the announcement here.  I clicked on the announcement and it took me to a page explaining the services.  I saved it so I could go back to explore it when I had time so I could comment on it here.

It took me until today to find the time and when I went back to the page to explore it more carefully I was surprised to find a page that says "this page does not exist."

Maybe the page is just off today.  However, I also noticed that the service is no longer listed in the available services so maybe something happened that made Office Depot or BizBox decide not to offer the service after all.

I just don't know; and I am very curious to find out what happened.  If anyone has more information on this please send it my way!

Here is a copy of the original page:

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