Saturday, March 31, 2018

Alaska warns about using "cc" an "bcc" when using e-mail.

A recent ethics opinion issued in Alaska concludes that it is not necessarily unethical for attorneys to carbon-copy or blind-copy clients in e-mails exchanged with opposing counsel.  However, the ethics opinion warns that the practice of using “cc” or “bcc” could cause lawyers to face disciplinary action—as well as be adverse to their clients’ interests—if the client inadvertently clicks “reply all” and responds with a message that reveals case strategy, negotiation tactics, or other confidential information that should not be disclosed.

It is interesting that the attorney would face disciplinary action for the conduct of the client, but I guess it is the conduct of the lawyer which put the client in the position to make the mistake.  There are opinions in other two states that have held the same thing.

For more details on this story, go here.  You can read the opinion here.

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