Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Florida adopts new rules related to referral services

The Florida Supreme Court has adopted new rules regarding lawyer referral services concluding that the amendments "are necessary to ensure that all services that connect prospective clients to lawyers conform to the Rules Regulating the Florida Bar and operate in a manner consistent with the public interest."

On the other hand, the Court stated that the amendments do not resolve the Court's concern "with how some lawyer referral services operate in Florida, especially those that refer clients to other professionals and occupational disciplines for services arising from the same incident,"  adding that "[t]he findings of the Special Committee on this matter are troubling and we continue to believe additional measures are needed to ensure the public is not exposed to harm."

To this end, the Court directed the Bar to submit a petition within ninety days proposing amendments to rule 4-7.22, and any other rule necessary, to implement the Special Committee’s recommendation.

You can read the adopted amendments here.  You can find more information on the adopted changes here.

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