Thursday, September 16, 2010

Reviews of "Outlaw"

The Abnormal Use blog has posted a review of the tv show Outlaw, about which I wrote yesterday. You can read the full review here. It concludes that "the premise of the show is absurd" and that "the absurdity of the premise will likely mean the end of the show." I have to agree. The show is heavy on the rhetoric and weak on logic, acting and storytelling.

You can find more reviews here and here. Not surprisingly, it looks like they are all negative. I wonder if the show will last longer than "The Deep End." Anyone remember that one?!

I will continue to update this post with more links if I see more reviews during the case you are interested.

UPDATE: here is the review from the Blog of the Legal Times. It concludes that "[t]he show in every way seemed to fulfill most critics' expectations, which were that 'Outlaw' is a stinker that won't and shouldn't last longer than it takes to say non compos mentis."

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