Monday, June 28, 2010

Improper comments?

The following two paragraphs are from actual statements made in Cook County Court in Illinois. Are they examples of acceptable, harmless rhetoric or should they be considered improper?

The word ‘strict’ in the phrase ‘strict liability’ does not mean anything it is just a name! It is created to intimidate people, it is self-made invalid authority, it is meant to implant in people undeserved and unjustified respect to the ordinance built on fear and misunderstanding but empty inside and not applicable in my case.


Robbery, it is a good business as it is something for nothing – a pure gain. Germans do not do it anymore after their discouraging experience 65 years ago (1945) as it is too dangerous now and people are watching them. Therefore they retreated to more subtle ways such as cheating, lying and acting dishonestly under the cover of law, usually as lawyers, exploiting us on this way.

Thanks to On the Record in Cook County for the quotes

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