Friday, January 15, 2010

What do you have to do to get disbarred...?

I have criticized at least once (here) an Illinois hearing board for imposing light sanctions for misconduct.

Today I have to add to that criticism. The Review Board of the Illinois ARDC has rejected the Administrator's call for disbarment in the much -publicized case involving a lawyer who lied on his law school application, plagiarized a paper while in law school and altered his transcripts to give himself better grades in 20 courses in order to get a job in a big firm. I blogged about early reports on this case here and here.

In its report, the Review Board rejects the recommendation for disbarment and, instead, proposes an 18 month suspension.

The Legal Profession Blog has more on the story here. The Wall Street Journal Law Blog has more here. Go here for the Board's report.

UPDATE (1/16/10): has more on this story here.

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