Thursday, January 14, 2010

Lawyers and social media

Simple Justice Blog has a good post today about "lawyers and social media" and other dangers on the internet.... It starts like this:

"When I was first asked if I would agree to provide information to a private business seeking to "teach" lawyers about social media, I responded with how much of their take they planned to donate to charity. If none, then why would they expect my free services so that they could turn a profit? My correspondent came back with a funny response, neither offended by my antagonistic response nor embarrassed by having been outed for her effort to free-ride. . . . So, against my better judgment, I agreed to answer a bunch of questions about lawyers and social media so that this for-profit entity could create a presentation to sell to lawyers as if it was CLE-worthy. It was a few minutes of my time, and more importantly given the other lawyers who were being asked to contribute, I realized that I was likely the only voice that would have anything to say suggesting that social media was not the panacea of wealth, success and prominence. The others were all social media cheerleaders, or made their living off of it.The presentation was completed and it's available . . . It's absolutely awful. It's a lie. It's nonsense. It's total and complete crap."

To read the full story go here. To see the slides of the presentation in question, go here.

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