Saturday, March 4, 2023

Even more on the DoNotPay story

If you have been following the story of DoNotPay -- the company that claimed to offer a "bot" lawyer, but which after some bad publicity decided to "quit the profession" you will be interested in the more recent developments.  If you have not been following the story, go here, here and here first to catch up, then take a look at the links below.

LawSites podcast/interview with the paralegal who broke the story to begin with and who concluded that DoNotPay’s "supposed AI-driven products were little more than smoke and mirrors and that its representations about its products constituted consumer fraud."  You can also find the podcast here.

TechDirt's podcast/interview with the same paralegal.

TechDirt: "FTC Fires Warning Shot At ‘AI’ Companies Like DoNotPay: Do Not Oversell Your AI"

UPDATE 10-21-23

I have posted multiple times on this story.  In order:  January 29February 14February 16March 4March 10March 17 and October 21.

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