Tuesday, February 14, 2023

First "AI-Robot Lawyer" has a rough week, ending in quitting the profession apparently - UPDATED x2

 A few days ago I posted a story on a company called DoNotPay which at one point offered a million dollars to anyone who’d let its chatbot argue a case before the Supreme Court.  The company had planned to help represent some clients in a lower court, which ended poorly before it even happened, all of which in the middle of some bad publicity.  See here.

In response, the owner of the company decided to speak out in a very well known podcast on law and technology.

So, how did it go?  You can decide for yourself by listening to the podcast, but as described in an article in Above the Law which summarizes most of the recent controversy, 

There is some disagreement at ATL was to whether DoNotPay CEO Joshua Browder is an obnoxious charlatan or a pioneering entrepreneur providing a good service for the underserved. Time will tell... But there can be zero dispute that the 26-year-old CEO made a spectacularly bad choice when he agreed to do Bob Ambrogi’s Legalnext podcast.

You can listen to the podcast here, or by using the player below.  For more on the controversy and lots of links, read the latest at article on the subject at TechDirt.

UPDATE 10-21-23

I have posted multiple updates to the story here:   January 29February 14February 16March 4March 10March 17 and October 21.

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