Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Most proposals for big changes in California delayed by the Board of Trustees of the California Bar

A few days ago, the Board of Trustees of the California Bar delayed deciding (until May) on most of the proposals put forth by a legal tech dominated taskforce, including one which would have allowed non-lawyers and corporations to provide legal services directly to the public.  Two modest proposals which include a change to the rule on competence and a change to the rule prohibiting fee sharing with non-lawyers (allowing non-profits to share fees not just court-ordered fees) will be forwarded to the Standing Committee on Professional Responsibility and Attorney Competence.

Another proposal that survived relates to a program similar to the Legal Technicians in other jurisdictions which allow non-lawyers to provide certain types of legal services.  On this topic, the Board of Trustees set up a separate working group charged with providing its recommendations by December 2020.

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