Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Podcast: On being a Limited License Legal Technician in Washington State

In an effort to provide better access to legal services, back in 2012 Washington became the first state to adopt rules to allow (and to regulate) the provision of limited legal services by state certified legal technicians (known as Limited License Legal Technicians (or LLLTs).   Go here for some background.

Once Washington approved its program at least seven other states—California, Colorado, Connecticut, Minnesota, Oregon, Vermont and Virginia— created task forces to study the possibility of limited licensing as a partial solution to the so-called “access to justice gap.”  However, the development of programs in those, or other, states has not been as successful as once expected.

A few days ago, Lawyerist posted a podcast with Laura Genoves about being one of the first Limited Licensed Legal Technicians in Washington State and the differences between a legal technician and a practicing attorney, including everything from education costs to how each can practice.   If you can't see the controls below, you can listen to the podcast by going here.

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