Sunday, November 19, 2017

In case you missed it: reminder that a lawyer's conduct outside the practice of law can have consequences

We all learned in law school that the regulation of  the profession is not really limited to practice of the profession.  And we all know that there are many many cases out there of lawyers getting in trouble for conduct in their personal lives.  But every now and then it is not bad to get a little reminder.   The latest example involves a Dallas prosecutor who got into what some have called a "drunken tirade" with an Uber driver.  The driver recorded the encounter, it went viral and the prosecutor got fired.  The fact you are a lawyer does not give you the right to claim you are more important than other people, to threaten them or to be abusive.  This should be common sense.  There are many stories and videos on the incident out there. Here is one of them:

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