Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Sanctions for conduct outside the practice of law

There is nothing particularly new in this story, but I like to remind readers from time to time that a lawyer can be sanctioned for conduct outside the practice of law.  In this new case, a lawyer in Illinois was sanctioned because he got into a fight with another person over the fact that the other person hit the lawyer's house with a golf ball.  The lawyer's property is alongside a golf course and apparently he got angry when a golfer hit a ball that bounced off the house and into his yard.  I play golf and I have to tell you that this happens all the time (balls going into people's properties, not the fighting over it).  Anyone who buys a house along a golf course assumes this risk, which is why even though I play golf I would never buy a house on a golf course.  For more on the story go to the Legal Profession blog.

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