Wednesday, December 28, 2011

More on the controversy over Stephen Glass' request for admission to the bar - UPDATED (Dec. 27)

A few days ago I wrote about the controversy over the request for admission to the bar by Stephen Glass, a former journalist who was exposed for having falsified many of the stories he wrote for important national magazines over the years - including some he wrote while attending law school.  See my original comment on the case here.    Reuters has a new story on the case here.

UPDATE 12-10-11: Stephen Diamond has posted a comment called "Now it’s Judge Honn’s turn to be the state-bar establishment laughing stock: The Stephen A. Glass embarrassment," here.

UPDATE #2:  12/27/11:  (by the Legal Ethics Forum):   An op-ed published by the New York Times (here) argues in favor of admission to the bar.  The Washington Post has more on the story here.  Here is a link to the 1998 Vanity Fair article Shattered Glass which offers a detailed account of the history behind this case.  The article was later turned into a film of the same name.

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