Sunday, April 25, 2010

Domestic abuse and the practice of law

Here are two recent stories involving domestic abuse and the practice of law.

In the first one, an Illinois hearing board recommended a two-year suspension without automatic reinstatement for, among other things, two incidents of domestic violence. In one, the attorney pleaded guilty to domestic battery for hitting his wife and in the other he was arrested for hitting his daughter. The charges in the second case were dismissed because the daughter refused to cooperate with the prosecution. See here. For more on this story go to the Legal Profession Blog.

In the other one, the Nebraska Supreme Court denied the application for admission of a 2008 graduate of the University of Nebraska Law School because of what it called "a pattern of abhorrent behavior towards women." Three women (in nine years) had sought protection orders against the applicant. The Commission found, and the Court agreed that hed did not meet the standards of character required for admission to the bar. The decision is available here. For more on this case go to the Legal Profession Blog.

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