Thursday, April 8, 2010

April fools joke controversy update

Two posts below this one, you will find the first part of this story. If you haven't seen it, scroll down and read that one first then come back here. In any case, as you may recall, the story began with a lawyer/blogger posting a false story on his blog as a joke on April 1st which then fooled a bunch of people including The New York Times. Then a self proclaimed "ethics expert" launched an attack on his website against the lawyer/blogger accusing him of acting unethically. The debate continued for a few days until today when the "expert" finally gives up. To my surprise, and to his credit, he has now publicly admitted that he was wrong. See here and here.

As I said in my earlier post, I enjoyed the joke-story and thought it was a very effective and amusing prank. I did not see anything wrong with it ethically either. I was surprised at the attack by the "Ethics Alarms" website person because it was based on a basic misunderstanding of the content and doctrine of legal ethics - which you would expect someone who sells himself as an "expert" would know. His analysis was simply wrong from the beginning.

UPDATE 4/9/10: Here is another comment on the last post by Ethics Alarms. Simple Justice reponds to Ethics Alarms here.

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