Sunday, December 12, 2021

Oregon State Bar proposal would permit paralegals to represent clients in landlord/tenant and family law cases

The Oregon State Bar recently announced it is considering a proposal to approve a program for what it will refer to as "Licensed Paralegals," akin to the groundbreaking (but recently abandoned) LLLTs program in Washington state.  

The proposal in Oregon would allow paralegals to represent clients in certain family law matters and in landlord/tenant disputes.  The idea behind the program is familiar:  most people don't have access to legal representation and it should be possible for paralegals to provide some services, just like a nurse practitioner provides some health services, in order to lower costs and enhance access to representation.  The Bar explains the principle in a short video available in its website. 

The website also offers copies of the Board of Governors report that suggests the adoption of the proposal (here) and a more detailed summary of the program here.

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