Monday, August 30, 2021

Ohio amends rules to allow out of state lawyers to practice remotely in Ohio

 The Legal Profession Blog is reporting that the Ohio Supreme Court has adopted an amendment that will allow a lawyer admitted to practice in another state to provide legal services remotely from Ohio.  This is a big deal and appears to be a trend among jurisdictions which are finally recognizing the reality that given advances in technology, lawyers can easily work remotely from anywhere.

The amendment will go into effect Sept. 1.  You can read a copy of the "redline" version of the rule here.

According to the new rule, a lawyer admitted and in good standing in any United States jurisdiction may practice the law of that jurisdiction while working remotely in Ohio as long as the lawyer is providing services that the lawyer is providing services that are authorized by the lawyer’s licensing jurisdiction and provided the lawyer does not (1) solicit accept clients for representation within Ohio, (2) appear before Ohio tribunals, except as otherwise authorized by rule or law; (3) state, imply, or hold himself or herself out as an Ohio lawyer or as being admitted to practice law in Ohio; or (4) share fees with non-lawyers for the provision of legal services (ie, violate rule 5.4) or (5) violate the provisions of Rules 7.1, and 7.5.

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