Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Judge imposes $21,000 in sanctions on Devin Nunes' lawyer for filing frivolous lawsuit

I often complain that judges do not do enough to discourage misconduct in litigation.  My complaint is usually related to stories on discovery abuse, but it also applies to discouraging frivolous lawsuits.  So I am happy to report today that at least one judge is dong his part.

Law & Crime is reporting that U.S. District Judge Richard Bennet ruled recently that attorney the attorney for Representative Devin Nunes had “unreasonably and vexatiously” attempted to continue litigating a lawsuit against CNN after the case had already been dismissed with prejudice for failing to state a claim.  Despite that ruling, the lawyer filed an amended complaint that the court went on to describe as “nothing more than a repetition of the original complaint with no new material factual allegations.”  The judge ordered the lawyer to pay $21,000 to CNN as a sanction. 

You can read the full story here and here; and you can read the judge's order here.  

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