Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Lawyer in Utah files lawsuit challenging mandatory bar association membership

One recurring story last year was the number of lawsuits filed throughout the country challenging the authority of states to mandate membership in bar association groups in order to be allowed to practice law.  Go here and scroll down for the stories I posted on this topic.  Typically, the claims are based on the fact that the bar association supports causes the individual complaining member would rather not.

Well, it happened again.  Courthouse News Service is reporting that a Utah attorney has sued the state bar association claiming it spent mandatory dues on political and ideological speech she disagrees with in violation of her First and 14th Amendment rights.

At last count, I have heard of current challenges filed in Texas, Oklahoma, Oregon, Wisconsin, Louisiana, Washington and Michigan.  The Wisconsin challenge was defeated and the Supreme Court denied cert.  The Oregon case was recently remanded by the Court of Appeals.  I do not know the status of the others.

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