Monday, February 8, 2021

Another Trump lawyer tries to distance himself from the team of lawyers he joined to file a lawsuit in Michigan - UPDATED

February 7, 2021

Law & Crime is reporting that a lawyer who joined Sidney Powell‘s so-called “Kraken” lawsuit in Michigan is now attempting to avoid sanctions by arguing that he was merely a “conduit” for Powell’s overall litigation scheme.  Go here for the full story.  Isn't that convenient!  As in the case of the lawyers who claimed they should not be sanctioned because they did not sign the documents they filed in court (see here), the lawyer would rather make an argument that makes him look incompetent than admit what he did.  

UPDATE 2/8/21:  Above the Law has a comment on the case here, and they provide examples to illustrate my point that the lawyer is essentially using his own incompetence as a "defense."

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