Saturday, August 15, 2020

Utah Supreme Court adopts significant changes to regulation of the practice of law

Last week the Utah Supreme Court unanimously approved a number of reforms that allow for non-lawyer ownership or investment in law firms and permit legal services providers to try new ways of serving clients.  One commentator has called the reforms "the most sweeping changes in a generation to the regulation of law practice and the delivery of legal services." See here.

This is a significant change to the regulation of the practice of law in the US.  Other countries allow what is usually referred to as "alternative business structures" for the practice of law; but the profession in the US has long resisted opening the practice of law to investors or non-lawyers.  

Utah has decided to give it a try for a couple of years to see what happens.  See the Utah Courts press release here.

The ABA Journal has more on the story here.  

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