Saturday, November 9, 2019

Georgia likely to become the next state to agree that "competence" should include competence related to "technology"

As I have written before, I am sure that by now you know that the Model Rules were amended a few years ago to include a comment about the use of "technology" in the practice of law.  Specifically, it says that it is part of the duty of competence to understand how to use, and the risks of using, "technology" in the practice of law. 

In response, 37 states have formally adopted some version of the ABA model rule's comment.  Georgia may be the next one. The Board of Governors of the State Bar recently voted to approve proposed changes to the state’s Rules of Professional Conduct that would adopt the duty of technology competence. The proposed changes will now be published for a 30-day comment period and then submitted for approval to the Georgia Supreme Court.

Law Sites has more information here.

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