Thursday, October 3, 2019

How not to practice law: tell the disciplinary agency it would be an honor to be disbarred -- UPDATED

So you want to get disbarred?  Ask and you shall receive.  According to a story in Above the Law, here is the text of an email message sent by a practicing lawyer to the D.C. Office of Disciplinary Counsel asking to be disbarred rather than respond to or participate in any of the four disciplinary matters that had been brought against him:
Please don’t kill trees, waste taxpayer resources and ODC personnel on me. ODC has no credibility or legitimacy to me. Or the drivel you generate. You are simply dishonest lawyers who do nothing to regulate dishonest lawyers. And racists to boot. Rather than wasting time, money, and paper on your sophistries, please disbar me. Disbarment by ODC would be an honor. To date, aside from competing in the triathlon world championships, my greatest honors are my PhD from UCLA and my law degree from Boalt. But a disbarment letter from ODC will be framed and go up right alongside those diplomas. Please do me the honor of disbarring me. I will be so very very proud.
The D.C. Court of Appeals Board on Professional Responsibility obliged and recommended that the attorney be “disbarred without an analysis of the merits of his case.”

The ABA Journal has a post, with some links, on the case here.

UPDATE (10/3/19):  Michael Kennedy of Ethical Grounds commented on the case here.

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