Friday, March 29, 2019

Indiana Supreme Court Disciplinary Commission: "Indiana AG's party behavior violated 'heightened duty of ethical conduct'... "

The ABA Journal is reporting that an ethics complaint filed by the Indiana Supreme Court Disciplinary Commission accuses Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill of inappropriately touching an Indiana lawmaker and three legislative staff members at a bar party, where he also made “rude and sexually suggestive comments.”  More interestingly, according to the complaint the AG “holds a position of extreme public trust,” and as a government lawyer he has “a heightened duty of ethical conduct.”

The allegations are alarming and I have no problem finding the conduct, if true, is totally unacceptable.

Yet, I do have a problem with the notion that certain lawyers have a "heightened" duty of ethical conduct.  Where does that come from?  Which lawyers are those?  Can someone point me to the rule or legal precedent which creates different levels of duties when it comes to ethical behavior?  I'd like to take a look at them to see if that classification can be justified.

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