Sunday, September 30, 2018

Avvo fined by NY Attorney General's Office

As you probably know by now, Avvo Legal Services shut down earlier this year, but Avvo itself did not.  The controversial original directory and rating service is still in operation.  I say "controversial" because since early on there have been lawsuits and claims that its ratings system is misleading and that it favors attorneys that pay to join Avvo in order to build their profile.

Now comes news that Avvo has reached an agreement with the New York Attorney General’s Office according to which Avvo will pay a $50,000 fine and will state on its website that attorneys who "claim" their profile (presumably by paying a fee to Avvo) receive higher rankings, among other things.  Also, Avvo will no longer be able to claim that its ratings are “unbiased.”

The ABA Journal online has more on the story here.

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