Monday, September 14, 2015

Court finds prosecutor intentionally withheld evidence and lied and yet denies habeas and does not even suggest sanctions

In another example of a court not doing anything to curb prosecutorial misconduct, the is reporting on a case from Texas where the court found that a prosecutor intentionally withheld evidence and lied multiple times and yet does nothing about it. The court just said it "did not approve" of the conduct. Wow!, what a bold statement!! You can read the opinion here.
Prof. Jonathan Turley did some research and found that the prosecutor in question has a long history of misconduct. Apparently over the years she has already violated 34 rules of professional conduct. You can read the full post on her long history here. Do you think she will be deterred after the most recent case? She hides evidence, lies, gets away with it and the defendant's conviction stands. What do you think?

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