Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Florida Bar considers three hot topics: multijurisdictional practice, a national bar exam and legal services by non lawyers

Talk about timing!  Tomorrow morning I am leaving town to go speak at a conference in Puerto Rico on the future of the regulation of the profession.  For my talk I used the title "Current Debates on the Regulation of the Profession" and in it I outline a few topics I think are the current (or next) "big things" in the field of professional responsibility.  In my opinion, these are: the possibility of allowing non lawyers to provide some legal services, the possibility of allowing lawyers to form partnerships with non lawyers or to get non lawyer investors, the possibility of a national bar exam and issues related to multijurisdictional practice.

So, while I was reading my notes one more time just a few minutes ago, the Puerto Rico Supreme Court issued an opinion on admission by motion (that underscores the debate on mutijurisdictional practice in the island) and the Florida Bar Association posted a podcast discussing these exact same issues!  The podcast appears below and you can listen to it by pressing on the play button, or by going here.   More proof that these topics are pretty "current", I guess.

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