Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Former prosecutor sues DA's office claiming he was fired for refusing to act unethically

A man who worked for several years as a prosecutor in Corpus Christi, Texas is suing the District Attorney's office arguing that he was fired because he refused to act unethically. 

According to this story aired in Action News 10 and published here, the prosecutor says he lost his job for following his duty under the law.  According to the complaint (as explained in the story), when the prosecutor uncovered a witness who had the potential to help someone he was prosecuting, his bosses told him not to share the information with the other side.  Instead, the prosecutor called the State Bar of Texas for an opinion which confirmed he had a duty to disclose the information.  Following his duty, however, the prosecutor told his supervisors he was going to disclose the witness and was fired the morning of the trial.

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