Thursday, February 6, 2014

Still talking about the Super Bowl... the commercial, that is...

When attorney Jamie Casino spent who knows how much money on a 2 minute commercial spot during the Super Bowl, I am sure he was looking for publicity.  And, say what you want about the commercial itself, publicity is just what he has gotten.  Everyone seems to be talking about it.  I have seen it mentioned in news blogs, legal blogs, academic blogs, you name it.  I talked about it in class yesterday, and here I am again today to give you a link to yet another comment about it...  So, he wanted publicity and he got it... but, unlike the saying goes, not all publicity is good publicity.   Over at Res Ipsa Loquitur, comparing the lawyer to a car salesman and an informercial pitchman, Prof. Jonathan Turley writes: "I found the commercial ... to be unprofessional and self-serving and just a bit creepy" and "I found the video to be uncomfortable to watch as Casino seems to live out his fantasy of being some action figure with tight jeans and a flaming sledgehammer with a cross on it. Sort of Nicholas Cage meets Clarence Darrow meets El Mariachi. "  You can read the full post (and the many comments below it) here.

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