Monday, May 20, 2013

NJ considering imposing pro bono requirement for admission (as in New York)

A working group appointed by the NJ Supreme Court has released a report and recommendations in which it urges the adoption of a 50 hour law-related pro bono service requirement as a condition of admission to the NJ Bar.  The proposed rule is modeled after, but not identical, to the recently adopted rule in New York.   For more information and description of the proposed rule go here and here.

It is interesting to note that, surprisingly, there was a good deal of negative reaction to the adoption of the rule in New York, particularly from proponents of pro-bono programs.  I believe these proposals do have good intentions, but I am not sure that they are needed nor that they are a good idea.  I am willing to be convinced but most of the arguments I have seen have been negative and pretty convincing.  For more go here, here and here.

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