Monday, November 5, 2012

New opinion on the right of in-house counsel to sue former employer for retaliatory termination of employment

The question of whether in-house counsel have a right to sue a former employer/client for wrongful termination is one that continues to generate opinions around the country.  In class, for example, we discuss the (in)famous Balla v Gambro decision in which the court denies lawyers the right to sue for wrongful termination when they are fired for acting according to professional conduct obligations.

Other jurisdictions have taken different approaches, and just a few days ago, the D.C. Bar Legal Ethics Committee issued a new opinion in which it concludes that in-house lawyers suing their employers or clients for discrimination or a retaliatory firing can't disclose any confidences or secrets, unless they're defending against a counterclaim or affirmative defense.  The Blog of the Legal Times has more information here.

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