Monday, September 10, 2012

Charges filed against West Virginia judge

Back in July I posted a video (apparently a big hit on You Tube) in which a judge totally loses control during a divorce hearing and starts yelling at one of the parties.  (See here.)  After the story got some national attention, the West Virginia Supreme Court announced that no charges would be filed against the judge in the case at least in part because "the judge is embarrassed and certainly contrite about his outburst."    See here. Today, however, Professor Jonathan Turley, who has been following the story closely since the beginning, is reporting that things have changed.  The judge now faces five charges from the Judicial Investigation Commission, including some based on additional videos showing abusive treatment of other litigants.  It turns out, perhaps not surprisingly, that the conduct displayed in the video released in July was not an isolated instance.  You can read Prof. Turley's latest comment here.  The ABA Journal has more on the story here.

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