Tuesday, May 1, 2012

New York to require pro bono service as requirement to admission to the bar

In my previous post I reported that the California bar is considering whether to impose a practical skills training requirement on lawyers applying for admission.  Now comes news that starting in 2013, candidates to admission in New York state will be required to show that they have performed at least 50 hours of law-related pro bono service as a requirement for admission to the New York state bar.  It will be up to the Committees on Character and Fitness to ensure that applicants have properly completed their pro bono requirement. Go here and here for more details and readers' comments.  The New York Times also has an editorial on this here.

I think the proposal has good intentions, but it may create a problem: law schools will have to create and provide those pro bono opportunities which will require them to  expand their clinical programs.  This costs money and that cost will be passed on to the students. 

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  1. I think this is positive step by New York State’s chief judge, Jonathan Lippman. it helps country peoples as well as lawyers too.