Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Ethics 20/20 Commission Suspends Campaign to Draft a Proposal on Nonlawyer Ownership of Law Firms - UPDATED

The most controversial topic in Professional Responsibility circles today will continue to be unresolved for now... or, more accurately, there won't be any proposed changes to the current appproach. The ABA Journal is reporting that the ABA's Ethics 20/20 Commission has decided not to draft a proposal on non-lawyer ownership of law firms:

"In a joint statement released today, co-chairs Jamie S. Gorelick and Michael Traynor confirmed that the commission agreed at its meeting last week in Washington, D.C., to shelve plans to submit a proposal on nonlawyer ownership for consideration by the House in when it convenes during February's 2013 ABA Midyear Meeting in Dallas."

Go here for the details.

UPDATE (4/18/12): The Wall Street Journal Law Blog has more on the story here.

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