Thursday, March 1, 2012

Chief Judge of the US District Court of Montana caught sending racist joke by email

Richard Cebull, Chief Judge of the U.S. District Court for the District of Montana, has acknowledged that he forwarded a racist email to several friends.  Judge Cebull has replied to the controversy saying the e-mail was not meant to be a racist comment but an attack on President Obama. Hmm.  Let me see if I understand.  It is not racist if it is an offensive attack on one black person but not on all black people.   Another problem with this, if you read the message you will see the comment is not on Obama but on his mother.  The judge also says the message was meant to be private. I see, now.  So I guess that according to his own logic, the judge is not a racist.  He's just an idiot.  Professor Jonathan Turley is more eloquent than I on the issue here.  He also has a copy of the e-mail message itself.

For more on the story go to the Billings Gazette, the Great Falls Tribune and the Wall Street Journal law blog (which provided these links).

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  1. This sounds hilarious:)
    It seems like the judge is indulging himself because there is n o one who could judge him for that:)