Sunday, November 6, 2011

Supreme Court to hear another case on prosecutorial misconduct from New Orleans

As you probably remember, last year the Supreme Court decided Connick v. Thompson, which has been described as "one of the most bitterly divided opinions of the Court in a criminal case in recent years," absolving the New Orleans office under DA Harry Connick, Sr. of complaints that it had failed to train prosecutors about their duty to disclose exculpatory evidence.  (If you type "Thompson" or "Connick" on the "search this blog box" on the right side panel (under my name), you will find a number of entries with a lot of information about that case.)

At 11 a.m. this coming Tuesday, the Supreme Court will consider new claims of misconduct by prosecutors in the New Orleans district attorney’s office when it hears oral arguments in a case called Smith v. Cain.

The case involves the same complaint:  that the prosecution team for Orleans Parish follows a continuing policy of refusing to hand over exculpatory evidence to defense lawyers.

Go here for more on the background of the case.

Go here for access to all the relevant documents about the case, including the lower court opinion and the briefs of the parties.

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