Sunday, September 11, 2011

National Pro Bono Celebration

Building on the success of the annual National Pro Bono Celebrations in 2009 and 2010, the ABA Standing Committee on Pro Bono and Public Service is sponsoring the Celebration again this year October 23 through 29, 2011.  Go here for more information.

The Celebration is a coordinated national effort to meet the ever-growing needs of this country's most vulnerable citizens by encouraging and supporting local efforts to expand the delivery of pro bono legal services, and by showcasing the great difference that pro bono lawyers make to the nation, its system of justice, its communities and, most of all, to the clients they serve.

As part of the Celebration, the Committee is encouraging a national conversation about pro bono.  How can we frame a new way of thinking about and delivering pro bono legal services?

Please contribute to a stimulating national conversation about the future of pro bono work and the delivery of quality legal services. Help shape this approach by sharing your inspired ideas and comments. What has worked for you? What are your best ideas and experiences? What changes are needed and how might they be accomplished? What are the most effective collaborations and partnerships? How can the private and public interest bars work together most effectively to provide access to justice for all?

Twice weekly, on Mondays and Wednesdays, a new question will be posted for your reflection and comments. Please participate often and invite your colleagues to do the same.  You can see the list of questions here.

A national conversation can seed new initiatives and new approaches throughout the country; please join in this dynamic exchange of insights and ideas. Your voice needs to be heard. Join the discussion now.

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  1. Awesome! I'll be heading to the Equal Justice Works Public Interest Conference in D.C. from October 21-22 to help kick it off!