Monday, August 8, 2011

Supreme Court November oral argument schedule

The Supreme Court has issued its schedule for the first oral arguments of the year and there are three cases related to the "law lawyering" including the two very first ones scheduled:

On Monday, Oct 31 the court will hear arguments in Lafler v. Cooper (10-209) and Missouri v. Frye (10-444).  Both cases are about claims of ineffective assistance of counsel based on advice to reject a plea offer and either plead guilty or go to trial.

Also, on what seems to be a trend of cases related to prosecutorial misconduct before the Court in the last couple of terms., on Tuesday, Nov. 8, the Court will hear Smith v. Cain (10-8145) which addresses the impact of a prosecutors’ failure to disclose evidence favorable to the accused’s defense on the verdict in a criminal trial.  

As usual, for more details and information on these (and any other Supreme Court case), including links to the briefs, lower court opinions, and other documents, go to the SCOTUS case files page (here).

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