Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Lawyer’s License Revoked After Panel Finds He Hid Funds During His Divorce

Here is a good reminder of the fact that a lawyer's conduct outside the practice of law can result in professional discipline.  In this case, a lawyer’s license was revoked because he attempted to hide assest during his divorce.   Go here for the full story.

Interestingly, the attorney for the disciplined lawyer is quoted as saying that "the discipline is unusual because the facts related to the revocation are from a personal divorce, not mishandling a client's case. This had nothing to do with his performance as a lawyer."

Although he is correct in stating that the sanctions are not related to the lawyer's performance as a lawyer, he is wrong is claiming this is unusual.  It is pretty well known that a lawyer can be disciplined for conduct outside the practice of law, as long as the conduct in question relates to the lawyer's character or ability to practice law.  The conduct in this instance brings into question the lawyer's honesty, integrity and respect for the legal process.  Obviously, these are pretty relevant factors to consider when deciding whether a lawyer's conduct calls for discipline.

There may be an argument as to the severity of the sanction imposed, but that is a different matter.  I see no problem with the fact that a sanction was imposed.

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