Friday, March 4, 2011

Did She-Hulk violate the rules against solicitation of clients?

Law and the Multiverse is a blog that addresses legal issues in the alternate world of superheroes and villains. Aside from the superheroes' common connection with law enforcement and other aspects of the law, it turns out that some of them are actually lawyers in their alter-ego lives. I am not a comic books kind of guy, but if I remember correctly Dare-Devil is a lawyer and, as I just learned, so is "She Hulk." (Actually, I have to admit I had never heard of "She Hulk" to begin with, but that is neither here nor there....).

In any case, here is a link to a recent discussion on whether "She Hulk" violated the rules against solicitation of clients when, after saving a victim from an attack by some villains, she offered to represent the victim in a case against other superheroes who did not help her.

PS: I will admit to having watched a few episodes of Birdman, Attorney at Law, which is a pretty crazy show.

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