Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sanctions imposed on attorney who claimed to be channeling client's deceased wife's thoughts

A few weeks ago, I reported (here) on the case out of Arizona where a lawyer tried to convince her client that the client's dead wife's spirit had "come to her" and that she could communicate the wife's thoughts. Among other thoughts, the lawyer claimed the deceased wife wanted the client to have sex with the lawyer. The lawyer continued to "channel" the wife's thoughts to the client for three years.

The State Bar brought disciplinary charges against the attorney seeking disbarment (mostly because of the lawyer's dishonesty during the disciplinary proceeding) but the hearing officer recommended a six month suspension. Now comes news that the Arizona Disciplinary Commission has imposed a one year suspension on the attorney. Go here for a copy of the opinion.

UPDATE 10/27/10: The State Bar has filed a notice of its intention to ask the Supreme Court to review the case and disbar Johnson, said Bar counsel Stephen Little. Go here for the full story.

UPDATE March 2011:  The court imposed a one year suspension.  Story here.

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