Friday, March 5, 2010

Attorney for defendant in Fort Hood shooting starts a blog

CNN is reporting here that John Galligan, the attorney for the Army psychiatrist implicated in a shooting at a Texas military base, has responded to a military gag order by starting a blog on the case. More here.

For his dedication to his role, Simple Justice praises Galligan stating that "Galligan's representation of Hasan reflects the best of our profession. It's not about his personal definition of justice, but about his duty to his client. . . . By creating [the] blawg, John Galligan made clear that his duty is to zealously represent his client, and that the villification of Hasan in the media requires some degree ot leveling the playing field, whether the Army agrees or not. John Galligan is unapologetic for being Nidal Hasan's defense lawyer, and is clearly willing to face the consequences for doing his job well."

I greatly admire attorneys who make a commitment to represent trully unpopular clients. It takes courage, determination and conviction. Go take a look at the blog and particularly at the comments that people are posting to get a sense of how difficult it can be to zealously stand up for the rights of the accused.

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