Wednesday, October 21, 2009

More on lawyers using social media

Yesterday I posted a link to an article suggesting lawyers should re-think the idea of using social media. For the counter-argument, here is a link to an article called "5 Reasons for Lawyers to Use Social Media" (available here).

For an article with some examples of the wrong uses of social media go here. The examples include the following:

--Prolific blogging when claiming an overuse injury due to excessive use of a keyboard at work.

--Texting between attorney and client under the table during a deposition which, upon revelation, leads to discovery of all those text messages.

--Judge twittering from the bench, which led to judge's resignation.

--Twittering juror led to motion for new trial. Judge in that case denied the motion, but another judge granted it.

--Lawyer asking for continuance due to death in family, while his Facebook page showed him at a party when he was supposed to be at the funeral.

--Facebook "friending" between attorney and judge hearing case led to impermissible ex parte communication, a problem for lawyer and judge alike.

--Lawyer on jury duty, without disclosing he was a lawyer, blogging about the trial. This led to new trial for defendant and bar suspension for the lawyer.

--Defendant doctor blogging about progress of his malpractice trial, including unflattering comments about jurors. Plaintiff found the blog and used it on cross examination. The case settled quickly after that.

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