Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Another wake up call for students: conduct while in law school will come back to haunt you

An Illinois Hearing Board has recommended a three year suspension in a case involving an attorney who had failed to disclose information in his admission application to the University of Chicago Law School, was accused of plagiarism while in law school, altered his law school transcript (gave himself better grades in 20 courses!) to obtain employment and failed to disclose that conduct in the bar admission process. The opinion is available here.

UPDATE (April 28):  The lawyer is now facing disbarment.  Go here.

UPDATE (January 2010):  The Illinois review board recommended one and a half year suspension, which I criticize here.

UPDATE (June 3, 2010):  The IL Supreme Court rejects the Board's recommendation; imposes a 3 year suspension instead.  Go here.

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