Friday, February 26, 2010

Why don't lawyers call back?

The two most common complaints about lawyers are usually that their fees are too high and that they don't keep the client well informed about the status of the case. Clients typically say they would like the lawyer to call them (or to return their calls) more often. So why do lawyers don't call back? Here is one lawyer's semi-serious explanation.


  1. I have written an article, "Does Your Attorney Return Your Calls?" concerning an attorney's obligation to return client calls. Please feel free to read the article at

    M. Varn Chandola

  2. Semi-serious huh?
    here are my favorite ones:
    5. Your lawyer is an ass
    3. You are an idiot
    1. You are an ass
    Funny that it is, there are some good points.
    But i still think lawyer should pick up or call back. At least once a day (2-3 days). otherwise a client may think
    6. A lawyer screwed up.

  3. Lawyers that are hired to defend, protect or otherwise represent someone have an obligation to keep the clients informed on a timely basis. Not responding or returning phone calls is unethical and unprofessional regardless of the reasons. If this is a pattern then it should be reported to the bar and/or get another lawyer.