Tuesday, December 18, 2012

60 Minutes (the tv show) segment on wrongful convictions

Last week, the TV show 60 minutes devoted one of its segments to the problem of wrongful convictions.  The show was mostly about police interrogation techniques in Chicago which has allegedly produced twice as many cases of false confessions (leading to wrongful convictions) than any other city in the US.  However, there is a section of the show that discusses the role of prosecutors.  The interview with Chicago's Cook County State's Attorney Anita Alvarez is particularly troubling.  She is simply not willing to admit to the possibility that mistakes were committed.  I don't think she comes out looking particularly well, but you can judge for yourself.  The segment appears below in its entirety, or you can watch it in the 60 Minutes website where you will also find more information.

UPDATE:  The ABA Journal and the Chicago Tribune are reporting that Alvarez sent a letter to CBS complaining that she was unfairly portrayed in the clips chosen for the show.

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