Tuesday, February 28, 2012

How not to practice law: lie to the disciplinary board in an attempt to cover your misconduct - third time this week!

Just a few days ago I posted two notes about cases in which the attorneys lied to the disciplinary board in an attempt to cover their misconduct.  As reported in the Legal Profession blog, here is a third, and it may be the "best" one yet.  In this case, called In the matter of Joan Palmer Davis, the Georgia Supreme Court disbarred the attorney primarily for neglecting a case. Among other things, the attorney failed to appear before the court for a hearing and the case was dismissed.  When questioned about the incident, the attorney claimed she did go to the hearing.  Really?  I am sorry, but how smart do you think it is to lie about whether you were present at a hearing or a meeting of some sort, where there probably is an actual written record and witnesses who could be called to corroborate the allegation - in some cases this could include the judge!  Didn't think that one though, did you!?  In fact, at the disciplinary hearing, four people testified that the lawyer never appeared at the hearing.

You can read the opinion here.

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  1. Now Ms. Joan Palmer Davis has listed herself as a "lawyer" in her official filing this spring to be a candidate for the Clerk of the Superior Court of Cobb County, GA. It is not required that the Clerk be an attorney, but it appearsshe has violated the express order of the Supreme Court of GA not to portray herself in any way as a lawyer or attorney. See the Marietta Daily Journal coverage of her latest shenanigans, including stating that if one has a law degree, then she is a "lawyer". Oops.