Wednesday, October 12, 2011

How not to practice law: start a fist fight during a deposition

Okay, maybe it wasn't a fist fight but still...  The South Carolina Supreme Court has suspended a lawyer for 90 days for slapping a witness before the start of a deposition. The Legal Profession blog summarizes the facts as follows:
[The lawyer-respondent represented the plaintiff in a civil suit and was set to begin taking the deposition of one of the defendants.]  Respondent asked if anyone wanted to take a break.  The defendant, who was seated across the table from respondent, said something to the effect of "No, let's get this crap over with."  Respondent then stood up and pointed at the defendant's face and warned him not to speak to him in that manner.  The defendant stood up and told respondent not to point his finger at him.  Respondent then slapped the defendant in the face.
The lawyer pled "no contest" to a charge of simple assault and battery and and was sentenced to payment of a fine.  The opinion is available here.

This story reminded me of this famous video:

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  1. That's just plain unprofessional. Any witness on the stand is under oath, and anything he/she says, even if it's brash, is a statement made. A lawyer must not fight with a witness.