Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Comments on possible non lawyer ownership of law firms

Whether law firm ownership should be limited to lawyers is one of the most important debates going on in the American legal profession today.  Below you will find a short comment posted in the The Legal Talk Network on the subject, which is described as follows:

Legal Talk Network producer Laurence Colletti interviews consultant George Beaton about how client buying behavior was affected by the deregulation of ownership of law firms in Australia. Beaton discusses conflicts of interest, access to justice, client satisfaction, and the range of services under an outside ownership model for a law firm. Additionally, he talks about professionalism in the legal field and the role of an oversight model such as a Bar Association. Dr. George Beaton is a partner in Beaton Capital, an associate professor at the University of Melbourne, and authored NewLaw New Rules, a ground-breaking narrative on the changes sweeping the legal services industry.

If you can't see the "play button" below, you can listen to the program here.